PREMIUM Screen Clean – Ultra Gel Product code: S-5002

Special cleaning gel for TFT/LCD/LED/Plasma screens and laptops is highly effective, does not leak to the sensitive parts of the cleaned surfaces and in combination with professional microfibre cloth DWIPES cleans perfectly without leaving any undesirable stains or streaks.

Apply the gel on the cloth and gently clean the surface. Then polish with the dry side of the cloth for the perfect shine without streaks. DWIPES cloth is washable and durable. High density of fibers and compact fiber structure give the DWIPES exceptional cleaning power by wet and dry cleaning. Provides streak free cleaning. Highly absorbent and fast-drying DWIPES can be used repeatedly. High smothness and softness of the cloth´s surface protect the cleaned surface from scratching.

Cleaning gel does not contain alcohol, gently cleans even sensitive surfaces like TFT/LCD/LED/Plasma monitors, notebooks, pocket PC´s and special screens. Suitable also for dark plastic surfaces and keyboards. Provides antistatic effect. Parfumed. Contains Phenoxyethanol, d-Limonen.

Package consists of:
200 ml cleaning gel
1 pcs professional microfibre cloth DWIPES 20x20cm

deionised water, glycol ether, antistatic agents, thickening agents

recyclable plastic bottle / 12 pcs per box

General recommendations:
This product is suitable for regular use by office staff, service technicians, as well as by end users at homes.