Hydrophilic wipe 15 x 15 cm Product code: MB-1515

40 units (15 x 15 cm, 80 g/m2)2

Ultra soft wipes made of a non-woven polypropylene microfiber fabric designed for the quick and convenient cleaning of surfaces and especially suitable for the wiping off of white boards. The fabric won't scratch the cleaned surface and it gives it antistatic and antibacterial properties when used with one of our cleaning solutions. The lint-free wipes are suitable for both cleaning and the removal of residual streaks after wet cleaning.

The fabric can absorb an amount of liquid equivalent to 14x its own weight.

resealable PE pouch / 12 packs per box

Special Recommendations:
A perfect combination of quality and affordability!

General recommendations:
This product is suitable for use by regular office personnel.