Antistatic cleaning foam 400ml Product code: P-2000

Antistatic cleaning foam for the removal of stubborn built-up grease and  dust from plastic and metal surfaces of computer and office equipment. The foam doesn't drip or run when sprayed on surfaces. Perfect for the cleaning of plastic surfaces (phones, keyboards, printers, copiers, etc.), metal surfaces and even furniture (including imitation leather). The product's antistatic properties protect the cleaned surface from the future buildup of dust. To remove any leftover residue, we recommend the use of our dry wipes (product codes: HS-1619, MB-1515).

recyclable aerosol spray can (metal) / 12 units per box

deionized water, special tensides, antistatic agents, propellant gas: propane-butane

General recommendations:
This product is suitable for regular use by office staff, as well as for use by service technicians.

Follow the safety instructions on the label when using this product.

Safety Warning:
This product is highly flammable.