If you like to keep your computer and office equipment and data media clean, you will also be interested in our specialty products, which can help you with other cleaning tasks. You can keep your entire office spotlessly clean without missing a single detail - just the way it should be!

Special information for products containing pressurized gas
For those special tasks
P-2000 Antistatic cleaning foam 400ml DETAIL >
P-2200 Antistatic cleaning foam 200ml DETAIL >
P-5001 Non-flammable air duster DETAIL >
P-4001 Flammable air duster DETAIL >
4250R Cleaning solution for white boards DETAIL >
5250 POWER Cleaning solution for rubber parts 250 ml DETAIL >
P-5003 Ultra strong non-flammable booster 500g DETAIL >
P-5004 Ultra strong non-flammable booster All Way 300g DETAIL >
P-1002 Label remover 200ml DETAIL >
P-5005 PREMIUM power duster DETAIL >