Hydraspun lint-free wipe 15 x 15 cm / 100 ks Product code: HS-1515/100

100 units (15 x 15 cm)

Dry wipes suitable for the cleaning and polishing of all types of surfaces, including those made out of sensitive materials. Thanks to the perfect combination of cotton and polyester, these wipes are both highly absorbent and durable at the same time, when used for dry or wet cleaning. The non-woven fabric used for the wipes is manufactured using a special water jet perforation technology. These lint-free wipes are able to retain their cleaning qualities through multiple uses. They can be used either for dry cleaning or for wet cleaning with one of our cleaning solutions. Leaves the surface streak-free and gives it antistatic and antibacterial properties when used with our cleaning solutions. The product does not irritate the skin.

resealable PE pouch / 12 packs per box

General recommendations:
This product is suitable for regular use and is especially recommended for use by service technicians.